Biotechnology is a multidisciplinary issue that uses biology, chemistry, and numerous methods to use agriculture, pharmacy, food technological expertise, forestry generation, and medicine. Probably the number one to use this term become the Hungarian engineer Karl Ereky in 1919 It includes easy and applied studies that integrates extremely good techniques derived from the era and application of natural sciences, which includes cell, molecular, bioinformatics and applied marine microbiology The studies and improvement of bioactive substances, practical food for aquatic organisms’ nicely-being, cell and molecular evaluation. HERE IS THE LINKS:

Control of illnesses associated with aquaculture, environmental toxicology and genomics, ecological manipulate. And biosafety related to the cultivation and processing of marine organisms and freshwater, biofuels, and administration and wonderful manipulate in laboratories.

Biotechnology is a science that has many branches of study. Each of them deals with a particular field of application and is fine for a few special conditions. Therefore, underneath we are able to alternate approximately the principle varieties of present biotechnology.

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