In the beginning of PCs, serif was by and large for print, and sans serif was for screens, since the screen goal was poor and made the serifs look fluffy and it influenced clarity.

Serif textual styles likewise have a more drawn out history contrasted with sans serif, and are regularly utilized on mediums with long content like books and papers. Thus, you can utilize serif textual styles on the off chance that you need to depict a more genuine, proficient picture.

Then again, sans serif textual styles are the advanced typefaces that are effectively conspicuous and perused. These textual styles are generally utilized by individuals who incline toward a more present day configuration approach.

For the quantities of textual styles in your blog, take a stab at keeping it at less than three textual styles (I would energetically prescribe you utilize simply one to two text styles). This is the links

It’s clear that more and more people are using their mobile devices for content consumption, so it’s crucial to use a responsive blog layout that can adapt to the device being used.

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