make love

I went to see Borat on Friday night with the boyf and laughed so hard for several minutes that I came dangerously close to puking. My throat must have filled with saliva and the laughing-choking suddenly cut off my breathing and I had to do something rude to prevent vomiting - burp. Twice. Jaysus... If you haven't seen it, get your arses to the cinema as I literally laughed pretty much from start to finish. Let's just say I've never heard the word 'chocolate face' in a film before....

I got drawn into an argument at the taxi queue at Purley station last night. This jumped up excuse of a couple decided to jump ahead of myself and two other people and jack the taxi that arrived. Outraged, the first person in the queue went over to their taxi and just as I said to the other people in the queue that the couple were 'twats', the woman jumped out of the car and yelled "Don't you call my husband a c*nt!" I was mortified for a moment when I thought she was talking to me, but thankfully she wasn't. I couldn't believe it when she decided to 'take on' the guy who they had jumped ahead of and come up in his face. We told him to leave her and that it wasn't worth it but they got into a slanging match and in a very surreal moment, a guy in a top hat and tails appeared out of nowhere and broke up the argument. Then the woman had the cheek to scream at us to F off and now cold and cheesed off, I couldn't help but say "Oh go home you silly cow! Bad enough that you jump ahead of us but you won't to rub it in our faces? Take the taxi you're so desperate for and get lost!" and this was followed by a volley of people from the queue telling her to F off and go home. Her husband looked like he wanted the ground to open up and swallow him as he hustled her back into the car and I felt vaguely sorry for him being made to look like a dickless prick in front of a load of strangers whilst his wife was getting gangsta.

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