Small quibble - I just want to point out that Peace Corps is not a realistic option for this guy to get outta town. They are not in the business of sending random people into other countries for the heck of it - it is quite competitive to get in. They want Peace Corps volunteers to be successful ambassadors for American ideals; folks will who make a real impact on the country in which they serve. Therefore, the volunteers who make it through the selection and training process are usually people who are very motivated, high-achievers, with good people skills and solid academics (i.e. people who did well in college, even if they haven't figured out where they are headed next in life). This guy is not there yet.

However, I think that overall, your advice is quite good. I have struggled with depression throughout my life. Although I am doing very well right now, and have a lot to be proud of, I know what it is like to feel as badly as LW2. The only thing that got me out of those dark periods was to make a tiny change at a time, and to be patient with myself. I also agree with the person who suggested hitting the gym - it's the first thing my therapist recommended, and it really did make a difference. At the very least, dedicating time to working out each week got me into a routine and gave me a sense of normalcy. Then the endorphins really did make a difference and I started looking forward to the gym.

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