Gay was the thought that came into my head before the first letter writer had even gotten through the first paragraph. It bleeds off of you. I say this as someone who came out (again) 3 years ago - it is AWESOME. And yes, you read that right, again. In college, I dated and fell for a woman who broke my heart. I ran to men, trying desperately to be straight/bisexual and dated them for about 10 years. All those years, I couldn't keep a relationship more than 6 months and beat myself up wondering if I too had "intimacy issues". Nope, just gay. Now that I'm out, I am so much happier and more comfortable. You will be too when you're able to come out. It will obviously take you time, but you're on the right track. Oh, and I recommend therapy to help you become comfortable coming out but don't go to a therapist trying to solve your intimacy issues. You already know the answer. Now it's time to begin the journey towards accepting it. You will find yourself to be a much more whole and happy person when you do. Good luck to you.

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