The main red flag I see is, it sounds like you're not married yet and he's already making sure he wins. He also hasn't been open with you regarding it or approaching it as a negotiation. A couple things to do is, forget about his prenup and make your own. Not out of spite but to really sit down with yourself and see what you would want and need regardless of him as if you were marrying anyone with a Prenup. Think long term and I love what Rose said. If you have future children together and a divorce occurred, just because you stayed home doesn't mean you are less! Think about what it would mean to have to hire a nanny, house cleaner, pay for some one to run errands, pick up children, etc. Think about other assets you have that are unique regardless of money. I also love Catherine Zeta Jones putting in a cheating clause for Michael Douglass. Also as Cherry mentioned, we never know what the future may hold. His business may go out of business, he could lose a job or become physically unable to work. I think when people have prenups they don't realize the can of worms they are opening, often how short-sighted it is ( I have money and assets and want to protect them.) And some how the person asking believes they have more "worth" than the other partner. I'm not 100 percent for or against a pre-nup. Getting through one together as a couple could very well strengthen or weaken the relationship.

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