New Love

A Massage for the Ages For instance, Friday night I grilled some sausage, corn, and asparagus for myself. A dinner that was very tastey. Best of all, I didn’t have to wash a thing after I made it. I was in heaven. On Saturday I did some projects in my house that I’ve been putting off for ages. When both my kids are in town, I’d rather hang out with them, or go watch whatever event they’re doing. But with both gone? I got down to business. And having those projects crossed off my to do list – finally – gave me a feeling of contentment. I was in heaven. (See, I told you I’m easy.) Labor Day Grilling with Craig Ferguson (funny!) I got in some good cycling. Went for a killer run. Hooked up and hung out with some girl friends. Stayed up late. Slept in. Ate whatever, whenever I chose. I was in heaven! Still, I’m looking forward to my son getting back. As much as I enjoyed my weekend solo, a man cave is better when shared.

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