Translation: I will be offered a threesome with Saturn and Naptune (two thai guys with nicknames). They do not accet credit but only cash and will love me long time.

In an attempt to escape the attention seeking woman I was sitting next to I thought about the conversation I had with Victor, Mark and David. We had all gathered for a power catch up brunch before I left Sydney. Victor has just arrived from a six week around the world tour. We discussed how we both beleived that Australian men lacked any emotional connection. He had connected with Turkish, Spanish and even American guys. Why do we find it so hard to connect with Aussies?

It is their convict past? Is there passion lacking down under? Or are we just overwhelmed with latino's and european's full on passion? Jenny and I had discussed the same thing....the guys you meet overseas are so different to Aussie guys? Mark disagreed..being an Aussie himself and taking no offense at our argument. He was full of passion...and emotion...

Off to meditate

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