As a Single Guy, my friends seem to love to constantly ask me for advice on two things I have little or no practical knowledge: finding love and boyfriends. Over the last few weeks, I have met several of my good friend’s new boyfriends.

Being the friend-in-law can be tricky. On one hand, I want to see all my friends be in love and happy. I want to be able to respect my friend’s choices. On the other hand, I am a very protective in law who thinks that no man is good enough for my friends. I can be a bitchy Sydney queen at times and can manage to find fault in any men that my friends bring home.

My most recent couple was my friend Barry who had found European love while working in Austria a few months back (that is not them on the left). I kept thinking that Barry was proving my love theory correct: You must go to Europe to find love in Sydney. His new beau was Marcos, a recent law graduate from Graz. Barry is 35 and Marcos is 28. He is preppy Country Road and Marcos is European funk.

But somehow they worked and they made a cute couple…too cute almost so that they made me feel like the third wheel. It was a romantic setting…Italian food, wine, stars and a chilled winter night. It was the perfect date; it was just another couple’s date and not my own.

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