Alas, last night the zombie guy called me. (I tried to give him another nickname, I really did. But this one is sticky and I can’t make it go away. Just know it’s not a personality comment, it’s just about the way we met.) We talked for over an hour and a half. I finally had to outright tell him I had to get sleep and artificially cut off the conversation. He is funny. He makes me laugh. And there’s more.

Zombie guy appears to be an elusive dating sort. He knows up front what he wants. He wants a girlfriend. He is clear that he’s not going to grab the first female who bats her eyelashes at him just because, but he definitely would prefer to be in relationship. He’s clear up front about this. In between jokes and other silly declarations, this is a serious moment of conversation. And he pre-screens during that intial conversation to make sure I am not a dating dead end. He also makes it abundantly clear that he is paying for dinner. All of it. Which makes him immediately better than at least my last two dates.

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