for ordinary people, word, Excel and PowerPoint are the three most commonly used office softwares, but most people only use them as simple tools for writing, data entry and text presentation. When the work content is single and the quantity is small, they can easily handle the work with this kind of understanding. But when the work content becomes complicated and large, such as data analysts who need to process millions of data every day, only proficient can make the work smoothly. In order to assess and test the level of users, Microsoft also officially implemented the certification examination, only to get the lowest "expert level certification" can be proud in the related industry, let alone God General master! But the more proficient you are in office, the more you will find that these seemingly simple software are also very stable and performance oriented. For example, a table with various nested functions and multiple sheets will obviously feel slower to open and edit So for data analysts and financial analysts who are proficient in office, they should not only have excellent skills, but also be equipped with a good computer, such as the new Dell 5000 14 / 15 lightweight business book. It should be done quickly and steadily   for data analysts and financial analysts, it is the foundation of the foundation to use various formulas to make visual charts in complex data, but if the computer hardware can't keep up, it is easy to crash or even blue screen when calculating massive data and generating charts. New achievements 5000 14 / 15 high speed smart and light business book is equipped with the latest ten generations of intel core processor, and the maximum memory can be expanded to 32GB. Even if you are making PivotTable while running PS and other high load software, you don't have to worry about CPU overload and downtime, stable and smooth operation can effectively complete the work. Moreover, the new Dell achievement is also equipped with a performance grade mx330-2gb graphics card, with a powerful processor and 72% NTSC gamut, which can not only show more color details in the picture presentation, but also improve the efficiency of drawing to a certain extent. In terms of storage, the new achievement 5000 can carry up to 1TB solid state hard disk. The 15 inch version also reserves a hard disk expansion slot for users. All kinds of data forms and analysis reports can be easily saved. There is no need to remind yourself to carry a mobile hard disk every day. You can take only one notebook wherever you go. For the practitioners who are proficient in office, they need to deal with high load tasks for a long time every day. If the computer does not have a good cooling support, it is very tolerant to cause the body temperature to be too high during continuous operation, and even appear the sudden blue screen and restart, so that the work results return to zero. The new achievement 5000 has multiple temperature control technology, which can keep the computer temperature in a reasonable range all the time. On the outside, the computer adopts the design of micro lifting rotating shaft, which can be opened and closed at a large angle. It can slightly support the fuselage and play the role of a computer bracket, which not only makes typing more comfortable, but also greatly improves the air inlet and outlet area and speed up the heat dissipation efficiency. Secondly, the computer is equipped with an intelligent gyroscope sensor, which can identify the inclination of the fuselage and make it more comfortableUse the scene to automatically adjust the temperature and put it on the desktop to balance the normal heat dissipation; put it on the leg to automatically increase the heat dissipation efficiency, so as to ensure that the body does not burn the legs. Even the production monitoring practitioners who have been working in the workshop for a long time will not show the situation of downtime and stuck due to the high temperature when they raise the base station and adjust the data on various contact surfaces with their laptops. In addition, the computer also supports FN + T one button heat dissipation, which can be used in the workshop Quickly reduce the fuselage temperature in a short time. In order to make users focus on themselves better, Dell has prepared a comprehensive after-sales service for users, which can not only answer all kinds of software problems, but also directly dial the 7 × 24 special line even if you don't know how to connect the computer to the printer and other output devices. The all-round after-sales service will help you remote control and solve problems quickly. In addition, Dell will also have 5000 smart hardware engineers to visit on-site It can automatically detect the hardware information and speed up the system; when a fault is found, experts can directly check the problem, reduce the repair steps, and experience convenient service, so that you can concentrate on your work and study, and enjoy the superiority of a large brand after-sales service. In addition to the software may cause adverse effects on the computer, some small accidents in life may also cause critical damage to the computer. The brand new Dell achievement 5000 has passed 14 military standard certifications. It can not only operate normally in high temperature, extremely cold and humid environment, but also pass the anti shock test. It is not afraid of life and environmentSmall bumps at work. The new Dell achieves 5000 14 / 15 high-speed smart and light business book. Starting from the user experience, you can use it safely. In addition, the notebook is available in 14 / 15 inch versions and a variety of color matching options. Now you can enjoy limited time benefits and discounts when you place an order. The price drops as much as 1000 yuan. You can also get a free Dell Pro lightweight backpack when you buy 15 inch. Limited time special price: the starting price of the 14 inch version is only 4599 yuan, and the high configuration version is 6499 yuan; the price of the 15 inch version is only 4899 yuan, and the high configuration version is 6999 yuan. Let's get started. Dell has always insisted on building a comprehensive, multi-purpose productivity tool, constantly optimizing the user experience, so that every practitioner can calmly cope with the work challenges and improve efficiency! Open cover bright screen technology, quickly enter the working state; military standard certification, to ensure continuous and stable, efficient output. Dell technology goes deep into every industry and every field, and insists that everyone can better play their value in their work.                                                                                                                                                                               Dell 13 (vostro 13-5390-d1605a)     price negotiation   buy now                                                         

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