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Ijazah (Certification) in memorizing and reading Quran with narration of Hafs `An `Asim.

Ijazah (Certification) is a term used vividly in Quran and Hadith. It literally means that a student reads to his teacher, and the chain eventually goes on to the Tabi’een, then to the Sahabah (Ridvanullahee Ta’alaa ‘anhum a’jam’een), then to the final Prophet Muhmmad (Sallallaahu A’layhi Va Aalihee Wasallam). At the end it extends to Jibreel A’layhis salaam and then to the lord of the worlds ALLAAH Subhanahu Va Ta’alaa.

It is such a blessing that the essence and fruits of it starts coming from the very first day. The very famous narration known as Hafs ‘an ‘Asim is being focused and read. And every word is being transmitted as taught, listen and read from our beloved Prophet (Sallallahu a’layhi Va Aaliee Wasallam). The narration is from Hafs and the two narrators are Shu’bah and Hafs. A brief introduction is given below.

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