Most people would like their marriage to last. They try their best to keep their love strong. How many of them succeed? Realistically speaking, not everyone of them gets to overcome the mountain of challenges. You can do better if you know how to love your spouse.

1. Make your spouse your priority. Don’t waste any chance to express your love for him or her. Spend time together. No TV. No phone. No distractions.

2. Give your spouse a kiss before you leave the house or before you sleep.

3. Hug your spouse several times a day.

4. Always use a gentle tone and nice words when talking to your spouse. Affirm what he or she says. Avoid harsh criticisms.

5. Words can do magic to your relationship. Give your spouse the best compliments he or she has ever heard.

6. Take your spouse somewhere with a romantic view.

7. Make your spouse laugh. If you can laugh together, it means you’re doing well.

8. Write love notes. Tuck them in interesting places like between book pages or under the pillow.

9. Take your spouse for a walk regularly.

10. Take your spouse to the movies.

11. Help around with the chores.

12. Have a special dinner date once a month.

13. Don’t forget your wedding anniversary or your spouse’s birthday.

14. Accept your spouse for what he or she is, but correct him or her gently if needed. It’s for his or her own good. Don’t be stingy with forgiveness when your spouse commits a mistake.

15. Encourage your spouse in every good thing he or she is pursuing.

Lifelong joy is possible in your marriage if you know how to love and show your love.

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