1. Fill in the registration form:   when registering, candidates should provide their Chinese and English name, e-mail address, Chinese and English contact address and postcode, telephone number and test number, name and test language; candidates who do not take the first test should also provide their ID; after confirming that the registration form is correct, they should return it to the test administrator. 2. Pay the examination fee and get the examination certificate. During the working days from Monday to Friday (9:00-12:00, 13:30-15:30), you can make an appointment in the examination center and take the examination on the same day.   when you make an appointment by email, you need to provide the test administrator with your name, test date, test code, test ticket number and mobile phone number, and call the examination center to contact the test administrator. Candidates who make an appointment and take the examination on site only need to carry the examination ticket and two kinds of valid certificates (such as ID card, etc.). After the examinee makes an appointment for the examination, the exam administrator will help the examinee register for the examination and make all preparations for the examination. The registration can not be cancelled. If the examinee does not take part in the examination within the appointment time, it will be regarded as absent and the examination fee will not be refunded.   the content of Microsoft certification examination is very professional, mainly in the following aspects: 1. The installation of operating system (Windows NT 4.0), system configuration, account management, file and printer resource managementRemote access services, domain planning and management, enterprise domain model design, NT network analysis and optimization and troubleshooting, etc Microsoft certification examination is a senior computer technician certification examination launched by Microsoft Corporation. It is recognized worldwide as senior computer software personnel certification. The certificate issued by Bill Gates has been recognized in more than 90 countries around the world. Microsoft Certification represents the technical strength of enterprises and individuals. Its owners can enjoy high employment opportunities, high salary, and credit free treatment for related studies all over the world, even in North America Read the full text > >    Microsoft certification is a complete technology pyramid certification system established by Microsoft company to promote Microsoft technology, cultivate system network management and application development talents. It is recognized and effective in more than 90 countries around the world, and can be used as an effective proof of salary and position change, company qualification and strength certificate, immigration bonus and other benefits! Since its establishment in 1992, Microsoft certification has become more and more influential in the industry, with a total number of Companies in the world80000 mcse2 Read the full text > >    Please show your examination ticket and two kinds of valid identity documents (please refer to the requirements of the following documents) before admission, and fill in the sign in form and the examinee agreement. If the procedures are not complete, the examinee has the right to refuse to take the examination. If the examination cannot be carried out due to technical failure during the examination, the examinee should contact the examinee immediately, and the examinee should deal with it or arrange the re examination. Otherwise, the examinee should be held responsible I undertake. Certificate requirements (at least one of the two certificates carried by the examinee 1. Client: 1) MCSA: windows8 this certification can prove that the holder has the ability to configure, manage and maintain the enterprise Windows 8 system, and can obtain this certification by passing two examinations 70687 and 70688. 2) MCSA: Windows 7 this certification will remain in the market and will not be retired. You can get this certification by passing two examinations 70680 and 70685 Read the full text > >   The first generation of Microsoft Certification: 1992-2006, certification: MCSA, MCSE, MCSM, etc. the second generation of Microsoft Certification: 2006-2012, certification: MCP, MCTs, MCITP, MCDBA, MCPD, MCM, MCA, etc. the third generation of Microsoft Certification: 2012-2016, certification: MCSA Read the full text > >    The address and telephone directory of each region are as follows: the address and telephone directory of the national Microsoft Certification and examination center inquire about the examination fee by telephone. The cost of the Microsoft examination in China is 80 US dollars per subject, equivalent to 380-450 RMB (due to different exchange rates of examination centers in different regions). There is no saying that the Microsoft certification has made up the examination, If you fail to pass the exam again, the cost is the same Read the full text > >     New MCSE and MCSD certification launched in September 2016( MCSE:CloudPlatformaIn this paper, we discuss the relationship between micro and infrastructure, MCSE: flow, MCSE: data management and analytics, MCSE: efficiency, MCSE: application generator and MCSE authentication (business applications) and micro Read the full text >     < 1. Relevance 1. Broader skills: cloud technology solutions need broader skills, and Microsoft Certification verifies broader skills and experience. It is a technology solution, not a separate technology. 2. Continuous capability verification: in order to ensure that it professionals and developers have the necessary professional knowledge and master the latest solution technology, Microsoft requires: lmcsd certified Read the full text >      nowadays, more and more certificates appear in our lives. Of course, to enter an industry, we need to have a corresponding certificate as a prerequisite, and at the same time, we can prove our ability. Recently, some problems about Microsoft certified engineers have been emerging, such as what registration process, test content and test questions. thisGod, let's give you a brief talk! Step 1: sign up for the Microsoft Certification Engineer Examination: fill in and ask Read the full text > >   

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