QuickBooks is the imperial software for the small or mid-sized companies to gain knowledge about their expenses and staying up-to-date with their account. It is specially built by Intuit to endow the best accounting solution one might require. It can help people with cloud-based as well as on-premises accounting applications for payroll functions, manage or pay bills and keep track of the payments.

One of the most common queries QuickBooks support come around with is setting up company information. To resolve this issue, here is the complete process of setting up the company information in QuickBooks. Before we go further, you have to grab a hold of the basic company information such as the name, website, email, Tax ID, accounting methods, company logo and address. Keeping all this information can speed up the set up process.

Setting up company information in QuickBooks • Step 1: Sign in to the QuickBooks online account. • Step 2: Click on the gear icon on the left and select “Accounts and Settings.” • Step 3: Fill in all the company details including the name, contact info and address.

Final Words…! These three steps wrap up the process of setting up the company information in QuickBooks. Once you are done with these three steps, you will be able to see the company file in QuickBooks Online. In case you are in the need of support regarding any of the issues revolving QuickBooks, you can get in touch with QuickBooks Error Support & Help Number which is 1-800-880-6389. A team of professional experts will embark you in the journey of business success while resolving all of your QuickBooks issues.

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