There are different methods to Test a urine sample; Generally lines and depending on the analysis method used, the Analysis of urine can be classified into:

Analysis of a small urine sample by means of a test strip put into the sample. It's performed in precisely the exact same consultation. Results are obtained in 5-10 minutes . It's employed as a screening test as it provides basic information. Used to rule out or confirm maternity, detect urine disease, diabetic decompensation...

Urine sediment The urine sample goes via a centrifugation procedure from which the liquid content of the urine is separated (which is lost for this particular study), from the solid content it will be analyzed with the support of a microscope. It allows detecting the presence of leukocytes in the urine or other substances such as red blood cells, including bilirubin, glucose or microproteins, amongst others, which are usually not discovered or are observed at very low levels and whose presence would make us suspect that the presence of a pathology that must be analyzed later with specific practices.

know about synthetic powdered urine how to use powdered urine for drug test

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