I wonder if that’s why they broke up. The sex? I can’t help but wonder if I should ask about the ex. Probably not a good idea. I wont be contacting him again. Labels: sex

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MONDAY, AUGUST 02, 2010 Negative I got my results for my HIV test yesterday. All negative. I’m usually not so positive about negative news. But I got the all clear from my doctor yesterday. Not only am I HIV negative...but all my STI checks came out negative. I know some of you were concerned..so need to be. All clear.

The four days between the test and when I get the results are full of anxiety. I know there is very little chance that I have contracted HIV but I’m always paranoid. I know it is no longer the death sentence but it does change your life. I have a few friends who are HIV positive. Dating is hard enough in Sydney and they have the additional burden of telling potential dates...I’m positive.

I slipped these last few months...so this test clears my friendly encounter with my crush. It also puts my mind at ease with Rob. You never really know who you are sleeping with...and the HIV rates are creeping up in Sydney. The younger generation does not realise the risks anymore. I’ve had a number of men on the net refuse to chat with me because I practice safe sex.

I go to a gay doctor but I can’t help and feel judged when I go for an HIV test. I tend to go every six months. He never lectures me or asks me about my sexual history. I started seeing this doctor because my last doctor, a lesbian, did make a comment once about the high number of my sexual partners. Lesbian...what would she know about cock anyways!

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