For as long as I remember I’ve honored two men on Father’s Day: my dad and my step-dad. Well, all that changed this weekend.

As soon as Chris opened his eyes in the morning, I pushed a present into his lap. First, I gave him a silly card with a photo of a guy fixing a sink that said, “To my favorite Fix It Guy.” And then, under the card, he found a men’s shirt-and-shorts set for practicing yoga — which he has started to do for the first time in his life.

But the card or the yoga outfit didn’t truly show what I wanted to thank him for:

Being a friend who listens;

Turning into a math mentor when necessary;

Telling stories that make everyone laugh;

Unleashing his inner goofball;

Staying present when life gets challenging;

Passing along his great taste in music and movies;

Cooking three-course meals for dinner;

Letting go of judgment;

Being such a boy;

Wrapping his arms around our daughter when she needs a hug;

Carrying the heavy load, when needed…

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