To the delight of many of my fellow bloggers, I watched the Bachelor season finale. I know I complained to Rachel at SingleMomSeeking for being creating too much content off this season’s show, but I’m going to break my rule and give in to what I consider the ‘Town Idiot Award.”

If you don’t follow the Bachelor, don’t worry I don’t either. I have always found the concept of the show to be un-reality TV. The two hours I wasted watching the final show, are gone forever. There is so much for me to talk about I took some extra time to think it over.

Let me say Jason is the Town Idiot. According to ABC’s website he was divorced 2 years ago. He has a 3yr old son and is 32 yrs old. Over the last 2 years he has been on the Bachelorette and now the Bachelor. At this point, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that he’s jumping from one 3 ring circus to the next. And his kid will pay the price. Seriously, divorce can be one of the most emotional draining events. Especially if you have young children.


Jason don’t jump out of a marriage, leave your young child to pursue a reality TV career on the Bachelorette. If you’re a full time single father, your child needs your attention.

As I watched the show, I found several things that makes me wonder why is this happening? Or as Arsenio Hall used to say, Things that make ya say hmmmmm. Besides the obvious of parenting, I wonder where is the child’s mother. Is she a crack head? Is she in the child’s life? Who has custody of the child? hmmmm… I sense a problem.

One of the things I was asking on twitter during the show is, Does a 32 yr old divorcee need to get aproval from their family to pick a bride/groom? I have to say no. You’re an adult. You’re a parent. You should be able to make decisions that adults make on a regular basis. Was this introduction to their family for TV drama? I’m not sure. The only family that really counts as a single parent is your kids. If you’re date loves you, they will make every attempt to get along with the family.

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