So my friend Scott has met this guy. He’s really super cute. So much that Scott feels the guy is out of his league. So he’s super insecure. He’s also a puppy dog....he’s totally into this guy...and the guy (knowing he’s super cute) is playing it cool. Not showing all his cards. Scott on the other hand is ready to move to Tasmania and have his children.

I met him and the boy today. Scott wanted me to watch them interact. Body language...check...flirting...check...giddy Scott salivating over his boyfriend....check....everyone else in the bar checking Scott’s date....check. Did I mention he’s superrrrr cute! lol

I could tell through the body language that Scott was very open to his date. He had his legs open and his arms extended. He was making the eye contact and smiling. His date on the other hand had wondering eyes and his legs were not as close to Scott. He was not as flirty...not as smiley. And he had to “leave early.”

Scott wanted to text message him after the date. This was billed as meet my friend date. The date probably knew I would be checking him out and giving Scott a full report. Did he pass the test. Well...he’s super cute but I can’t help and wonder if he’s really into Scott. I do not really have the heart to tell him either. I guess time will tell. I can tell that Scott is really into him...and the date is not as into him. But who am I to give dating advice? i’m in sex and love to keep my mouth shut!

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