First it was easily overlooked details – he would go off on unusual digressions in discussions, he discussed himself a lot, and he appeared to need center. At that point toward the finish of the principal week, he was obviously tanked on a call with a customer, a secondary school understudy. I censure my freshness for not terminating him right at that point, however he lavishly apologized, and we allowed him another opportunity.

At that point things got more odd. He constantly needed to converse with me. It didn't make a difference what time of day, he would content or call me to visit, yet it was dependably him talking and me tuning in. He would whine that there were continually such huge numbers of considerations going through his head. He totally expected to examine quantum material science or the Byzantine Empire or the blemishes in the new iPhone, however there was nobody there to hear him out, so he needed to call me. I was still under the hallucination that he was an advantage for the organization, so I mollified him and trusted that this oddness would tolerate. It didn't.

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